ArmorLube, LLC. Announces DEVCOM Adoption of Patented Coating Process to Enhance Weapon Performance

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TUCSONOctober 12, 2022–ArmorLube, LLC. is pleased to announce that the U.S. Army DEVCOM Armaments Center has issued a new military spec for weapon coatings that reduce wear, prevent galling, corrosion and seizure.

“We are pleased and excited that the military has formally recognized the advantages that our patented coating process offers the warfighter,” said Andrew Tudhope, ArmorLube, LLC.’s Founder and President. “This military specification being issued today (MIL-PRF-32711) is the culmination of 10 years of consistent innovation in coating technology and delivers next-generation coating performance advantages today”.

“We believe that Diamond-Like Carbon coatings (DLC) represent a significant step forward in enhancing weapon reliability in extreme combat conditions and extending the functional life of specific parts like M4A1 bolt carriers,” said Adam Foltz, Senior Research Project Leader for DEVCON. “We’ve worked closely with ArmorLube to help develop and validate this technology and believe this will be a critical coating component for improving weapon performance and functional life in the future.”

In 2021, ArmorLube, LLC. introduced the Velox PN™, the world’s fastest single chamber plasma nitriding and PECVD coating machine. The Velox PN™ joins the Emperion™ dual chamber deposition system and the CS-10 internal coating system, giving manufacturers a complete coating solution to achieve high-throughput deposition of ultra-hard coatings on metal parts without requiring line-of-sight visibility to critical surfaces.

All three systems use ArmorLube’s patented hollow cathode technology application process. The hollow cathode process uses a dense plasma, making it possible to coat both interior and exterior surfaces simultaneously, providing additional savings to manufacturers. The three systems can apply PECVD coatings in different thicknesses that can be tuned to fit specific hardness and dry lubrication requirements. These coatings include ArmorLube’s Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC), ArmorLubeTM, plasma nitride and duplex coatings–each designed to meet specific customer needs for hardness, lubricity, corrosion protection, and scratch resistance.

About ArmorLube, LLC.

Located in Tucson, Arizona, ArmorLube LLC is a coating equipment manufacturer and developer of the state-of-the-art ArmorLube™ family of ultra-hard coatings. The diamond-based next-generation coatings are designed to replace hard chrome plating, thermal spray, and other previous generations of hard coatings in a broad range of industries, including oil and gas, manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and defense. The company sells and supports ArmorLube’s coating technology and the systems, precursors and materials used in the ArmorLube coating process. ArmorLube also operates a contract coating center at the company’s headquarters.

In 2016, the company acquired Sub-One Systems, another hard-coatings equipment company.

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